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Terms & Conditions

Ordering Information

How Do I Place An Order?

We want you to feel as secure buying through DiscountMaxx as possible, therefore we offer a few different ways to place an order:

Order online – When you place an order through our website you will find it safe, easy, and fast. You can make changes and review what you have entered nearly every step of the way. Available 24 hours a day.

Call us – Our sales and service team is ready to place your order over the phone. You can reach us at +230(5)2586600 , Mon – Fri: 8am to 12am EST, Sat: 8am to 8 pm EST, Sun: 9am to 6pm EST.

Mail-In Your Order! For details on how to mail in your order, see below.

What Are My Payment Options?


Full Terms and Conditions

We cannot accept your purchase order unless you agree to these terms. Please feel free call us at +230(5)2586600 with any questions. Please contact Customer Support if you have a preferred payment method that you would like added to our payment options.

Store Credit – We happily accept Store Credit issued from any DiscountMaxx site. Store credit may only be used from the account to which it was originally credited. Store Credit cannot be transferred to another person or account. Learn More.

Gift Cards – Gift cards from DiscountMaxx sites are redeemable online. Buy Gift Cards.

Order Confirmation

After your order is completed, you will automatically be sent an “Order Confirmation” email to the email address you entered during checkout. The subject line will say “Order Confirmation from DiscountMaxx” and will contain your order number. This email is your receipt – so don’t delete it! We encourage you to review the order and advise us of any spelling or numerical mistakes so that we can quickly make any necessary changes.

If you do not receive an “Order Confirmation” email from us within 24 hours of placing your order, you may easily and conveniently print a receipt for the order via My Account. For instructions on how to review your completed order and print a receipt, please see “Printing A Receipt.”

Sales Tax

One of the best things about buying through DisountMaxx is that we do not have to charge sales tax. DiscountMaxx is not responsible for individual states’ sales tax reporting laws pertaining to online purchases, so we encourage you to check your state’s regulations before you shop.

For information regarding taxes and tariffs on international shipments, use online customer support.

Using Promotional Codes

When you join our email list, you will become eligible for the various discounts and promotions we offer periodically on select items. Should you receive a promotion code from us via email, be sure to enter it during checkout in order to apply the discount that is being offered. Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with this feature. (Please note, many promotional codes and coupons are limited to one per purchase.

The 10% registry completion discount is sent one week after the listed event date provided products were purchased and were charged to five different billing addresses. Discount code is good for 90 days after the date received and can be used on any applicable items remaining in the registry.

Printing A Receipt:
1.Click on the “Print Receipt” link in the Orders section on the Welcome page of My Account.
2.If you have more than one order that has shipped, the next page will display a list of these orders for you.
3.Next to each order is a printer icon; it is located under “Share.” Simply click that icon to print a copy of your order.