Ogawa Cushion Massager (Small)

Ogawa Cushion Massager (Small)

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Are you just too busy with work and appointments to find time totally relaxed? With the new OGAWA Massage Cushion, you can now enjoy the health benefits of a massage wherever you are. Its compact and modern design make perfectly portable and flexible, so you can carry and use it at home or even away from home.

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3 reviews for Ogawa Cushion Massager (Small)

  1. Muhittin
    2 out of 5


    Simple and sweet. I love my cushion massage. NP

  2. Gaby
    5 out of 5


    I’ve been a spinning itrsnuctor for 10 years. I just had a baby and I’m taking some time away from the gym but want to stay fit. I bought 3 of these bikes; one for me and two for some of my clients to use in my home gym. I’m very impressed so far and so are my clients. This bike is just as sturdy as any spinning bikes that I’ve used in a gym. I would highly recommend it. The only draw back was that the seat was too tall for me even on the lowest setting. My husband drilled an extra hole in the post (yes, there is plenty of room) and the height is now fine. I would strongly recommend this bike to anyone. I would compare it to bikes that are in the $1000+ category. I’m very impressed! As far as assembly, it took about 20 minutes to assemble.

  3. Penmiso
    2 out of 5


    When you are walking aunrod you will notice massage parlors with little privacy rooms in back, often near bars these may not be the place you want (or you may want one of these places, the employees are VERY accommodating to either sex!)When you see a massage parlor that is on a main street with couches in the open you will almost all the time see more women getting massages than men! These employees will also do calls too.Getting a massage in a room is easy to get but it will cost more than one of the store front massage places where other women are customers. You can also ask for a masseur if you prefer a man rubbing his strong, masculine, hands sinuously all over your body from earlobes to ankle bones, again and again with a little mood music playing in the background, dim lighting and a lit candle or two Happy trails.

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