Ab Storm

Ab Storm

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Product Description

Abstorm is designed to trim, tone and tighten your upper abs, lower abs and even those impossible to tone love handles, all with one easy, perfect motion that makes your workout more efficient and more effective.

Abstorm addresses your entire core and if you use for a few minutes each day, will tone and tighten your abs providing you with real results. It’s easy and comfortable to use and it’s also convenient to put away.

Back breaking crunches are hard work and even when you do them right, they only get one third of your ab muscles. But with Abstorm’s unique free wheel construction and three modes of resistance, it’s easy to activate your entire ab region.

Abstorm combines a complete workout for the upper, lower and latter oblique abs while also giving you a flab blasting cardio workout.

And it’s not just designed for working abs, Abstorm is also an easy bun and thigh toner. No need to switch to another machine – simply rock your thighs and shape your buns with an easy Abstorm twist!

You receive:

Gymform Abstorm
The Abstorm Fitness Manual – a guide to losing inches around your waist in just minutes a day
Healthy eating guide – that will help you speed up your progress towards the abs you’ve always wanted

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2.75 out of 5

4 reviews for Ab Storm

  1. Anitra
    2 out of 5


    Imivrsspee brain power at work! Great answer!

  2. Lucy
    2 out of 5


    Easy to use. It has helped tone my waist and thigh. Good job and really appreciate your quick delivery.

  3. Muhammad
    2 out of 5


    Awesome. I use it almost everyday. Muhammad

  4. Tabrash
    5 out of 5


    His speeches and wntriig has been a great source of inspiration for me and my friends . I thank my dad for introducing me to such a honest and a true leader. Im greatly indebted to him for my positive and responsible change in my life. I will help in all ways for a change in society.with regardsM.KaushikSenior Software EngineerCalsoft inc,Pune

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