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18 January 2016

As we know, the hair straightener brush is a very hot item in 2015, and also in 2016. There are a lot of video on YouTube, and Facebook. But, do you think about which one is the right or officail hair straightener brush? Let me show you how to recognize the official NASV hair straightener brush.

NASV logo and slogan$_1 (3)

The official NASV hair straightener brush has the logo VASV marked on the black part of the handle. Furthermore, the slogan is “NASV beauty your world”. Without this, your hair straightener brush is replica.

The safety and standard UK plug part A


The safety and standard UK plug must look the same as picture 2.
It must FUSED included to prevent short circuit, and it must pass and have the SAFETY MARK & BS 1363/A on it. Some cheap UK plug only pass the BS 1363, it is not good enough as the BS 1363/A.

If the plug of your device is not look the same as this one, you must pay attention to it, it may cause  dangerous.

The safety and standard UK plug part B

The side of the plug pin / contacts of standard UK plug must be wide enough to prevent electric shock.

The picture shows a bad UK plug, the contact is easy to touch when you plug it into socket.$_1 (1)

The official package of NASV hair straightener bursh

It is a brown box with NASV logo and model number,

an anti-shake white bag to hold the main body of the brush. The bag include a lot of air-filled small bubble which can keep the brush safety during transportation.

The replica hair straightener bush just use a cheap normal plastic bag.

NSAV-100 is marked on the handle

NSAV-100 is the model number of the NASV hair straightener brush, which is also the number in the CE certificated documents: CE & ROHS, also in the EMC and LVD test report.

As the EU /UK law, the CE number and logo must marked on the product and they must the same. If a product is stored in UK, the seller must provide valid CE, EMC and LVD document.

If a seller cannot provide this, it may not store in UK or the document is not valid.

Temperature Lock – NASV hair straightener brush

As you can see from the picture, the official NASV hair straightener c$_1 (3)omb has a unique, usefully function which others do not have. It is the Temperature Lock function.  By pressing the power switch 3 seconds to locking the temperature you set! The LOC appear in the LCD screen.

If your hair straightener brush does not have such a function, it is not official brush.